Oct 18 2022


5:15 pm

Bill Harrison Presents

Strange and Legendary Creatures of Arizona

In ancient Greek folklore, the Phoenix was a spectacular bird that regenerated itself by bursting into flame, then rising from the barren desert floor to grow and flourish. Today, Arizona is home to creatures that are every bit as unique as the that the magical bird of yore. From the low cactus studded flats of the Sonoran Desert, to the highest alpine peaks, the diversity f Arizona wildlife is remarkable.  Arizona ranks third in the nation for wildlife with more than 800 species of native birds, reptiles, mammals and thousands of species of insects. Legendary creatures also prowl the hidden places in our states. Over the past 100 years, the seven feet tall Mogollon Monster has been spotted in the dense forests of Northern Arizona!!…. You have to come to find out more …. This is an outstanding presentation that will introduce you to the natural diversity of the unique state.

Dinner will be Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic bread and dessert.


Dinner starts at 5:15

Presentation is at 6:00pm

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