Nov 15 2022


5:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Bill Harrison Presents:

Bacon, Beans, & Nouvelle Cuisine in Arizona Mining Towns

In the 1880’s,thousands of young men rushed to gold and silver mines in the Arizona Territory. Not only were these men totally unprepared fo the hardships awaiting them, most didn’t have a clue about how to fix edible food. You could survive on the dreary 4’B’s—bacon, beans, biscuit and beef, but men were willing to pay someone to prepare more savory meals. Generally, restaurants were the first businesses to open in mining boomtowns, followed closely by saloons and brothels! As a mining town grew, restaurants and boarding houses provided more culinary choices. It wasn’t long before numerous ethnic eating houses offered spicy Szechwan Chinese food, Mexican dishes and even Haute Cuisine. One delicacy men craved was oysters! Oysters were considered the food of the rich, so young men with a pocket-full of money feasted on fat, juicy oysters from San Francisco. This is a remarkable presentation about all the food that helped civilize the wild west!!

Dinner will be Chicken Pot Pie and dessert


Dinner starts at 5:15

Presentation is at 6:00pm

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