Aug 15 2023


5:15 pm - 6:00 pm


5:15pm – Dinner – Beef Tostadas, Rice and Beans – BYOB

5:45 – Presentation Starts

For more than 100 years, medical quacks, charlatans, and flim-flam men enticed, mesmerized and bamboozled the public with outlandish claims, preposterous treatments and miracle elixirs guaranteed to cure all diseases.  If you had unwanted hair it could be removed with deadly x-rays. If you suffered from diabetes, two doctors in Indiana filled you full of saltpeter and vinegar and declared you cured. If your desire was to have renewed vitality and increased sexual prowess, a goat gland transplantation was the answer.  Unfortunately, some of these so-called cures and treatments were responsible for thousands of deaths in the United States. This lively, informative and humorous presentation revisits the early party of the 20th Century when quack medicine was more the norm than the exception. You will learn about the unscrupulous doctors and practitioners behind these quack medical devices and treatment, their motivations and their lavish lifestyles.  You will also enjoy numerous photographs of quack medical devices and a comparison quiz on the quack advertising of yesterday and today!! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING PRESENTATION.

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