Apr 09 2024


5:15 pm


5:15pm Dinner – Mexican Chicken Casserole

5:45 Presentation

Percival Lowell, successful businessman, intrepid adventurer, best selling author, and amateur astronomer, wanted to prove his theory that life once existed on Mars. In 1894, he built an observatory near the small town of Flagstaff In the Arizona Territory.  In 2011, TIME magazine honored Lowell Observatory as one of The Worlds’s 100 most important places. This is the story of the birth and development of the science of sky watching from the ancients who developed calendars to help them plant crops, to the modern astronomers who use computers almost as much as telescopes to explore the universe. We will visit Kitt Peak in southern Arizona, one of the largest sky watching complexes in the world. Finally, we will venture to Mt Graham in eastern Arizona to see the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church.  Rumors persist that their telescope is involved in the search for extraterrestrials.!! This will be a remarkable journey into the history and science of astronomy and how Arizona has played a key role in helping to unlock the secrets of the cosmos.

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