Dec 13 2022


5:00 pm

Bill Harrison

U.S.S Arizona… Mightiest Ship at Sea

On December7, 1941, a dastardly act of war sank the U.S.S. Arizona, taking the lives of more than 1,100 men. “Remember Pearl Harbor” rallied America to win a war. This story beings 25 years earlier, when the mayor of Nogales, Arizona fervently believed a battleship should be named after the newest state in the Union.  This is also the tale about a young girl in Prescott Arizona who was selected to christen the new ship. This presentation will identify and honor many individuals who were instrumental in the development of the ARIZONA, those who sailed on her and those who gave their lives.

Chicken Enchiladas, Rice, beans, and dessert

Dinner starts at 5:15

Presentation is at 6:00pm

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